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At Cargocycles, we have a range of e-bikes to suit your needs; from your stylish commuter and weekend cruiser, to heavy cargo transporters and all terrain machines.

Our e-bikes provide between 200 and the Australian legal maximum of 250 watts of power to either a front or rear mounted in-hub motor.   The top speed of any e-bike we stock is 25 km/ph with their range dependent on terrain, load and level of electric assistance used.  Typically, you can expect well over 60 km of use per single charge on any of our e-bikes, with some exceeding 90 and 100 km's - and the great thing…it is reported that each charge costs less than 5 cents! 

Charging your bike 3 times a week over the course of a year allows for at least 180 km of weekly travel at an annual cost of less than $8!  No parking fees, additional fuel costs, insurance or registration… 

Fuelled by rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries that plug straight into the mains and take approximately 4 - 5 hours to recharge from empty, our battery's capacities range between 9 Ah and 15 Ah, with options on some of our machines for even higher capacity upgrades.  A higher capacity doesn't necessarily mean more power, it simply means you have power for longer - enabling you to extend your riding range…  The operational life span of Li-ion batteries is a minimum of 500 hours, with some of our clients experiencing over 3 years of regular daily use ferrying children to school, then using it as a work commuter - without any drop in performance!

We offer e-bikes that are good-to-go, complete with back rack, lights, reflectors, mudguards and theft prevention measures, we also offer e-bikes that you can add accessories to to suit individual needs and electric conversion kits that may just extend your relationship with your trusty old faithful.

E-bikes are not electric scooters, you are still required to pedal - otherwise you risk reducing the life span of your on-board electric system.  Where possible, we give you the option of intuitive pedal assist that responds to your exerted effort, manual throttle for quick boosts, or sometimes even both!  Arrive at work, sweat free, invigorated and without vehicle angst…