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Yuba Mundo V4

yuba-mundo-cargobike-1 yuba-mundo-cargobike-2
This is the base model Yuba available in three colours Tangerine Orange, Pacific Blue or Matte Black
(Tangerine Orange shown).
Disk ready hubs and frame as standard.
yuba-mundo-cargobike-stand-1 yuba-mundo-cargobike-stand-2
Heavy duty Stand Alone centre stand option. Sturdy frame mounts make the bike very stable for loading.
yuba-mundo-cargobike-side-stand-1 yuba-mundo-cargobike-side-stand-2
Heavy duty side stand option.
yuba-mundo-cargobike-bag-1 yuba-mundo-cargobike-bag-2yuba-mundo-cargobike-bag-3
Go Getter bags offer huge carrying capacity. The bag is held on by four quick-release clips at the top, velcro tabs at the bottom and includes a shoulder strap so you can quickly remove it and take it shopping!
yuba-mundo-cargobike-seat-4 yuba-mundo-cargobike-seat-5Soft-spot and Hold-on bars.yuba-mundo-cargobike-seat-6
Soft-spot and Hold-on bars for an older child plus a Peanut Shell for a younger child and you are all set. kids eye view.
yuba-mundo-cargobike-seat-1 yuba-mundo-cargobike-seat-2yuba-mundo-cargobike-seat-3
Two small children, no problem. The Peanut Shell takes kids from 9 kg to 22 kg.
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