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Why you need a cargobike

If you are a cyclist who rides a bike for transport rather than recreation then there is a good chance that you've found it hard to carry enough stuff on your standard bicycle.

Whether that is more than one child in a seat or a laptop and a bunch of heavy textbooks there comes a time when even the best quality panniers can't carry enough. One of the most difficult challenges with a standard bicycle isn't necessarily its inability to cope with the weight it is often a problem with being able to load it safely. How many times have you been filling the panniers only to have your bike crash to the ground because it overbalances on its side stand while you reach down for the next load?

Loading kids into rear carriers is particularly dangerous in this scenario. This is where a dedicated cargo carrying bike like the Yuba Mundo or the front loading Zeitbikes (cargo bikes) come into their own. Wide stands make the bike stable when loading and dedicated load carrying systems and accessories keep everything safe. With the box bikes particularly, kids - even large ones- can safely climb into the box without you helping and the bike will not tip over.


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