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  • Cargocycles now on Pinterest


    The day has come, Cargocycles now has a Pinterest account! This means lots of posts with cycling ideas, interesting or funny pictures and cool bike style - anything we like really. 

    So if you are on Pinterest pop in and say hello! We are at: http://pinterest.com/cargocycles

    We are also on Facebook and Twitter too.

  • Asia Pacific Cycle Congress 2013

    The Asia Pacific Cycle Congress is on again in 2013 at Queensland's sunny Gold Coast from 10-13 March.

    The four day event aims to promote the development and growth of the cycling movement and industry - with themes including cycling safety and education, health benefits, cycling tourism, infrastructure planning and cycling promotion.

    Here is a quite stylish clip advertising the event:

    For more info check out the Asia Pacific Cycle Congress' website.

  • Urban Tactical Bike - Rok Straps

    We found out about this interesting use for a bike through our friends at Yuba Bicycles:

    "Ever since the tongue-in-cheek article from the CDC came out about using a zombie apocalypse as a way to envision disaster preparedness, we’ve been waiting for someone to build up a Mundo as the ultimate zombie defense bike.

    Rok Straps, a strap manufacturer and major supplier to the US military and many emergency relief agencies, has built the Rok Straps Urban Tactical Bike, as a proof-of-concept for what a bike can be in a emergency or military situation.

    Wonder if they’ll bring it out to the 2013 Disaster Relief Trials?"

    Pretty good idea and they have even camouflaged the Yuba to make it even more stealthy. We also like the bike trailer customisation at the back - ready for you to bug out with everything you need!

    rok straps camo-bike-1

    rok straps camo-bike-2

  • Some very merry Christmas bike ideas...

    We got a little side tracked today at Cargocycles and found some examples of what you can do to your bike to spread some Christmas joy. From adding battery operated lights to your ride to creating a Christmas tree out of bike wheels, there are some super creative ideas floating about. If you are really into DIY I'm sure you could rig the lights up to run on your pedal power to be even more eco friendly.

    And to the age of question of "Can I fit a Christmas tree into a cargo bike" the answer is yes! (Well one guy managed to do it!)

    bike wheel christmas tree

    festive cargo bike

    carrying a christmas tree in a cargo bike

    christmas cruiser

  • Christmas Cargo Bike Picnic

    It's on again! Come down to Garden City Reserve in Port Melbourne on the 9th December between 11-2 for the Melbourne Christmas Cargo Bike Picnic. Make the most of the lovely weather and bring your family and friends. There will bicycles available to test ride as well as experts on call to answer all your cargo bike related questions. And if the recent Adelaide Cargo Bike Picnic is anything to go by it will be a lot of fun!

    Cargo bike picnic flyer

  • November Adelaide Cargobike Picnic!

    The days are warming up and it is becoming perfect weather for a picnic! Join the cargo bike community at a fun family picnic in Adelaide. Meet cargo bike suppliers and owners and test ride some really practical bicycles. (Please BYO picnic and helmet). Find out how you can reduce your daily carbon footprint and reduce your dependency on your car.

  • Cargocycles Bionx Yuba Mundo and elMundo at Ausbike

    Thanks to all the people who visisted our stand at Ausbike and also those who came and test rode the Bionx equipped Yuba Mundo and eZee elMundo at the test ride area. Don't forget we can build and convert custom cargo and conventional bike solutions with the Bionx kit and lots of other solutions. If you haven't tried Bionx yet, I urge you to do so. It's awesome.

    yuba ebike testride

    IMG 0971

    IMG 0970

  • Canberra Dealer Highlight

    Natural Engine Speed shop

    Introducing our dealer in Canberra Alex McNee of the Natural Engine Speed shop. Alex does a nifty electric Yuba Mundo conversion and then puts them to work. See the pics of a Yuba hauling three folding bikes back from a recent show. All with the help of some electric assist of course.

    Contact Alex directly to talk about a Yuba conversion or a test ride in Canberra.

    Natural Engine Speed Shop
    Alex McNee - 0418 604 686



  • Ride2Work 2012



  • Zeit bikes feature in Gold Coast news

    The Gold Coast Bulletin recently featured one of our bikes in a feature highlighting the use of Cargo carrying bikes on the Gold Coast. This was an initiative of our latest dealer Pavé Cyclery. Test ride the Shorthaul if you are in the area. Give Ben Welman a call on 0755 722 915.

    The Gold coast will also host the Asia Pacific Cycle Congress in March next year. The congress will showcase Queensland’s cycling infrastructure and encourage more people to cycle, more often. Initiatives from the APCC will shape the future of cycle planning and help build a cycling culture in the Asia-Pacific region.


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