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  • Riding electric bikes - cheating?

    Along with the rising profile of electric bicycles as a useful form of transportation - the question is never far away; Is electrically assisted cycling cheating?  Taking results achieved from a study in England, and realising the potential benefits increased bike use can have on individuals, communities and local economy alike, it would appear that cheating is not part of the equation, but merely a stigma attached to it by cycling purists.  

    If ebike use can increase an individuals mobility, encourages reduced dependence on large footprint transportation, is an effective alternative to purchasing a second car, and offers electrically assisted cycling as a means to become more active - the new kid on the block will weather the storm.


  • We Have Moved Shop!

    From Monday September 2, 2013 we will be at our new, real shop at 284 Wellington St, Collingwood, right near the Tote!

    We are excited because the new shop is light, bright and big with plenty of room for all our cargo and electric bikes as well as an expanded range of accessories.

    The move also means that you will be able to find us easier as we are on one of Collingwood's busiest bike routes - Wellington St.

    Stay tuned as we will post pictures up soon...

    Cargocycles 284 Wellington St Collingwood

  • The Eco Gardener - Yuba Mundo

    One of our customers recently came to us for a custom electric Yuba Mundo to use for his gardening business.  He is now truly green (pun intended!) as the big van he was previously using is now up for sale.







  • Mens Journal Approves the Boda Boda


    Mens Journal has discovered the Yuba Boda Boda and we are quite chuffed with what they have to say about it...

    Shorter and lighter than full-blown cargo bikes, the Boda Boda feels (and looks) more like a casual beach cruiser with its laid-back personality, a stylishly swoopy frame, cushy saddle, and sweptback handlebars that encourage you to take in the scenery....

    Read the full Mens Journal Boda Boda article here.

  • Great article about the Boda Boda

    Lovely Bicycle has done a quite extensive and detailed article about the Yuba Boda Boda. Check out the article here and get in touch with us if the bike sounds like it may be a solution for your transport needs.

    8375866931 d43a4d44c5

  • Yuba Mundo Delivers the Big Issue

    Recently, Solarbike approached Cargocycles to supply a Yuba Mundo for a very special project. The Big Issue Electric Bicycle Project in Perth was set up to help deliver the Big Issue to Perth's vendors in an environmentally friendly way.

    Click here to read the full Big Issue Electric Bicycle Project article.

    Big Issue Electric Bicycle Project Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike

  • Cargocycles First Cycling Infographic

    A few months ago we stumbled across this really interesting report about Australian's cycling participation rates across different states from the Cycling Resource Centre. We thought it was awesome with amazing statistics but not that accessible (i.e. visually interesting). So we decided to create an inforgraphic from the information. Feel free to spread the word and share with anyone you think may be interested.


  • Electric Cargo Bike Solar Bike Conversion!


    At last, we have responded to popular demand and produced a box cargo bike with a secret weapon - a Solar Bike conversion kit! This can be fitted to both our Longhaul and Shorthaul cargo bikes.

    At $1050 plus fitting it is a great value for money option for electric box bike enthusiasts who would like some extra power.



  • Two Good Cycles

    Two new Yuba Mundos off to their new home working for a living as the main tools for new social enterprise business http://www.goodcycles.org/

    Good Cycles will operate mobile bike mechanic teams across Melbourne. Each team will consist of an experienced bike mechanic paired with trainees. Together they will cycle the city on cargo bikes (with tools on board) offering tune-up/repair services to workplaces and individuals – at office buildings, universities, events and on major cycling entry points into Melbourne’s CBD.

    Keep an eye out for your new mobile bike gurus!


  • The Best Bicycle Infographics

    I'm sure you are aware that bikes are good for people and the planet. But did you know there are some designers creating amazing infographics about just how great bicycles are? We've made it easy for you and have collected a few of our favourites to share with you. Most are informative with a few funny ones thrown in. They are mostly international, now we just need someone to create some Australia specific bike infographics!

    Bike Philadelphia


    We have more too! Go to the Cargocycles Pinterest page and get excited over some seriously good bike facts!

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