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  • Cargo bikes cool changes NuVinci Mundo

    The Mundo NuVinci Lux is in store and comes with a tidy surprise in the form of a NuVinci N360 hub that makes shifting super smooth and a totally new experience.  With almost limitless 'gears' to assist you both up and down hills and across the flats, 'clicking through the gears' is a thing of the past.

    Check out with more detail the N360 continuously variable planetary transmission - even better yet, swing on down tomorrow for a test ride between 10 and 3...I hear the sun is back!

  • E-assist cycling...weighing it up

    Like all new threats to our established way of life, it is with no wonder that ebikes have attracted so much negative attention from the broader cycling community - what with their speedy ability, hefty price tag and silent approach from behind...come to think of it, they share similarities with current road cyclists - minus the lycra.

    A couple of articles - one with its fair share of responses, do indeed bring to light the concerns of fellow road users, and it must be said that I can empathise with these experienced based retorts, but cannot help thinking that in relation to the more positive article, a majority of these responses fail to address the accumulative benefits of a growing e-bike culture.   Inclusive safety whilst cycling is paramount in presenting a daily commute by bike as the way forward, yet solely focussing on the actions of some ebike users as the lynchpin for the entire growing movement seems a little, as one respondent puts it 'short sighted'.  It is no wonder then that manufacturers and designers are coming up with more inventive and sleeker methods of component concealment - seeking to avoid the scornful eye of unplugged cyclists.

    Working through bumps along the way is the path of progress - co-existing takes effort.

    Happy reading

  • Cargo-cycles exist in duality

    I stumbled across this during my rainy day internet adventures; always marvelling at the ingenuity of our fellow global cycling enthusiasts (even though this is a few years old).  I must say that the package, both assembled and as two separate products, is for the most part, a tidy resolve, yet after reading a review to the contrary, I am lead to believe it is a case of beauty really only being skin deep.

    The discussion that follows the review is quite entertaining.

    Here are some nice links to make sure we're all on the same page.

  • Invisible helmets: assisting ebike fan base?

    With battery concealment and e-bike stealth improving with every new model, is it any wonder that other cycling elements have attracted the attention of designers?

    Wanting to maintain a rider's individuality and at the same time, acknowledge road safety requirements, these two creatives have found common ground between safety and style, through the prototyping of the world's first invisible helmet.

  • Cargo and E-bikes maintain happiness

    In weather like this, a Norwegian saying comes to mind; ut på tur aldri sur - literally translated means; out on a walk, never sour - no matter the weather!  This approach to being in the outdoors in the upper reaches of the Northern Hemisphere is necessary due to the infrequent number of sunny days experienced on a whole, and cancelling an outing solely due to a little light rain is considered preposterous.

    The word 'tur' is usually associated with anything leisure oriented in the outdoors, be that walking, berry picking, skiing, swimming, hiking and even cycling.

    Down here at Cargocycles we have a few great box bikes that aim to keep your kiddies dry whilst you're ut på tur in this juicy weather - pop in for a test ride and some serious fun on either the Babboe City (on sale),  Longhaul or Shorthaul Zeitbikes.

    Additionally, here are some northern advocates of cargo bikes with a zany quest, and a closer to home West Australian couple happy with their Solarbike conversion (great images Gareth)

    Image:  Gareth

  • Established bicycle culture breeds E-bike adoption

    Countries where bicycle use has long been an accepted form of daily mobility, are more likely to adopt the use of ebikes free from the 'cheating' stigma too often flung around in countries like Australia or the US.  With long distances and Internal Combustion Engine mobility dictating the criss cross and 'spaghetti junction' infrastructure we now accept as a given in our urban landscape, one could predict that denser populated communities within our swelling mega cities, will breed increased acceptance and therefor use of electric bicycles as individual motor vehicle ownership becomes less efficient and unappealing.

    Read more on the Scientific American article here

  • Modified El Mundo traverses the US for $3

    An avid cyclist and car replacement advocate takes his modified Yuba Mundo aross the US (amongst other countries) for less than $3.

    Read about his adventures here and see some of the beautiful scenery along the way.

  • 2014 BH Emotion Neo Cross - in store

    Just arrived and already on the charge!  BH's 2014 Emotion Neo Cross is available for you to test ride this weekend.  With some seriously nice design features including a regenerative braking system, detachable handle mounted LCD, front fork suspension and a huge and dependable 11.6 Ah Samsung battery ensuring you can make the most out of its 90km range, it will definitely make an impression!

  • Costing e-bikes in range

    As Melbournians we understand the fickle nature of our city's weather habits, with the old adage 'four seasons in one day' being thrown around at this time of year like grain farmers sowing their crop.

    This time of year is also recorded as being the windiest due to the heating of inland air mixing with cooler air from the south - my point being, we are presented with a conundrum when facing our daily commute; be in a controlled environment sharing your personal space with some of Melbourne's 415,000 daily public transport users (that is 830,000 armpits!), be one of over 48,500 daily private vehicle commuters (rego, insurance, parking, fuel etc), or make the most of the temperate weather, breathing in the sights and sounds of an awakening city and cycle into a stiff head wind? But what if we could nix the headwind with a 250 watt electric motor, a rechargeable battery with a range well over 30 km's per charge, at a cost estimated to be less than 10 cents for each charge? With these basic bikes stats, a CBD worker could come from as far afield as Sunshine in the West, Campbellfield in the North, Burwood to the East and Hampton in the South, at an annual recharge cost of around $24… Couple this with The City of Melbourne's efforts in improving cycling infrastructure, commuting by bike is becoming more efficient, safer and economically viable than ever before and with the assistance of an e-bike - more attractive!

  • Test ride electric bikes on Saturdays

    Wellington St, Collingwood is one of the major cycling arteries feeding northerners southwards - leading toward the MCG and its surrounding parklands, not to mention the Yarra River trails, parks and gardens and City attractions. So it made sense to us that every Saturday, Cargocycles open its doors between the hours of 10am 'til 3pm so you and your mates or family, can come along and test ride some of the great range we have in store. On Friday we charge - and we dust…Saturday we ride!

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