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  • [SOLD] Electra Townie BionX - $2699.00 - in store sale




    • BionX s250 RR L System
    • 37V 8.8AH Rack Battery
    • 7 spd Revo Shift


    Available for pick up at our Collingwood store - 03 9942 3450 - 284 Wellington St, Collingwood.

  • [SOLD] Nixeycles Lullabee - $1300.00 - in store sale

    nixie-lullabee-1 nixie-lullabee-2 nixie-lullabee-3


    • 200W throttle only system
    • 36V 9.6AH Rack battery
    • 3 spd Shimano Nexus


    Available for pick up at our Collingwood store - 03 9942 3450 - 284 Wellington St, Collingwood.

  • [SOLD] BionX Yuba ElMundo electric cargo - $4999.00 [SOLD]



    • BionX s250 DX System
    • 48V 8.8AH Battery
    • upgraded to 9 spd sram x7 Derailleuer and shifter
    • Black HDPE Utility Deck and Towing Tray
    • Running Boards
    • Whitewall Tyres

    Brand new luxury Bionx Yuba ElMundo electric cargo bike ready to ride out the door!


    Available for pick up at our Collingwood store - 03 9942 3450 - 284 Wellington St, Collingwood.

  • Try a Cargo Bike Day

    Try a Cargo Bike Day: Sunday April 12, 10am-2pm

    The Great Provider, 42A Marine Parade, St Kilda VIC 3182

    Join the cargo bike community at a fun family day out!

    Find out how you can reduce your dependency on your car. Meet cargo bike suppliers and owners and test ride really practical bicycles. Representatives from Cargocycles, Cargobike.com.au, Dutch Cargo Bike and PS Bikes will have a fantastic range of cargo bikes for you and your family to test out. BYO helmet. Nibbles supplied by Port Philip council.

    Join the Facebook Event here >

    Try a Cargo Bike Day 2015

  • Juiced Riders Videos


    Want to more about the extremely tough Juiced cargo delivery bike?

    Well we have compiled some great resources to get you a little better acquainted with it.

    You can buy the Juiced ODK here or if you would like to know more please contact us.

    Firstly, Electric Bike Report wrote an extremely informative and in depth article about Juiced Riders, including a bit about its founder Tora Harris. It then goes on to explain in detail the ODK's standout features as well as a few cons.

    Electric Bike Review also rated it in its top electric cargo bikes of 2014/2015 awarding it a 9.5/10!

    Next are a few videos that explain more about the bike:

    We hope you enjoy!

  • Custom Bionx Commuter

    Jorgen asked to kit out his stealth commuter with a 48V Bionx electric bike system. 10 speed drivetrain and discs for a quality commuter. It uses the lightweight Bionx S 250 DL
    G2 Motor system with a 48V - 6.6Ah DT Battery. The result is a almost silent electric drive and a much easier commute for its owner!


  • Happier commuting by bike

    With wind in our hair and a crisp chill on our faces, we ride our two wheeled steeds to work - and are happier people because of it.

    Of course we still save money and maintain our fitness, and more often than not save time as well, but the bike and in particular the emergence of e-bikes within our cycling communities keep us happy, not to mention are contesting the prevalence of motor vehicle dependence in our urban environment!

    source: bikeportland.org

  • Cargo bike good Samaritan

    Our Adelaide dealer Andrew Dickson was a Good Samaritan recently, and was able to demonstrate the versatility of a Yuba Mundo at the same time.

    "On my regular commute home from work, I came across a cyclist who had just been flipped across her handlebars in an accident with another cyclist. She was grazed, sore and slightly in shock, and not confident of riding home safely" says Andrew.

    "Not a problem though. I hitched up her damaged bike to the Towing Tray on one side of my rear rack, and strapped it on. The injured cyclist then sat on the rear rack (on the Soft Spot cushion and gripping the Hold On handlebars normally used by my 4yo son)."

    "I was able to get her home quickly, comfortably and safely. The Yuba Mundo is an awesome bike, which is why I ride it and sell it", says Andrew.

    For a test ride of a Yuba Mundo or a Yuba Boda Boda, contact Andrew on 0418866470 or email him here

    Yuba Adelaide Dealer Rescue

  • Cargo bikes cool changes NuVinci Mundo

    The Mundo NuVinci Lux is in store and comes with a tidy surprise in the form of a NuVinci N360 hub that makes shifting super smooth and a totally new experience.  With almost limitless 'gears' to assist you both up and down hills and across the flats, 'clicking through the gears' is a thing of the past.

    Check out with more detail the N360 continuously variable planetary transmission - even better yet, swing on down tomorrow for a test ride between 10 and 3...I hear the sun is back!

  • E-assist cycling...weighing it up

    Like all new threats to our established way of life, it is with no wonder that ebikes have attracted so much negative attention from the broader cycling community - what with their speedy ability, hefty price tag and silent approach from behind...come to think of it, they share similarities with current road cyclists - minus the lycra.

    A couple of articles - one with its fair share of responses, do indeed bring to light the concerns of fellow road users, and it must be said that I can empathise with these experienced based retorts, but cannot help thinking that in relation to the more positive article, a majority of these responses fail to address the accumulative benefits of a growing e-bike culture.   Inclusive safety whilst cycling is paramount in presenting a daily commute by bike as the way forward, yet solely focussing on the actions of some ebike users as the lynchpin for the entire growing movement seems a little, as one respondent puts it 'short sighted'.  It is no wonder then that manufacturers and designers are coming up with more inventive and sleeker methods of component concealment - seeking to avoid the scornful eye of unplugged cyclists.

    Working through bumps along the way is the path of progress - co-existing takes effort.

    Happy reading

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