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E-assist cycling...weighing it up

Like all new threats to our established way of life, it is with no wonder that ebikes have attracted so much negative attention from the broader cycling community - what with their speedy ability, hefty price tag and silent approach from behind...come to think of it, they share similarities with current road cyclists - minus the lycra.

A couple of articles - one with its fair share of responses, do indeed bring to light the concerns of fellow road users, and it must be said that I can empathise with these experienced based retorts, but cannot help thinking that in relation to the more positive article, a majority of these responses fail to address the accumulative benefits of a growing e-bike culture.   Inclusive safety whilst cycling is paramount in presenting a daily commute by bike as the way forward, yet solely focussing on the actions of some ebike users as the lynchpin for the entire growing movement seems a little, as one respondent puts it 'short sighted'.  It is no wonder then that manufacturers and designers are coming up with more inventive and sleeker methods of component concealment - seeking to avoid the scornful eye of unplugged cyclists.

Working through bumps along the way is the path of progress - co-existing takes effort.

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