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Cargo bike good Samaritan

Our Adelaide dealer Andrew Dickson was a Good Samaritan recently, and was able to demonstrate the versatility of a Yuba Mundo at the same time.

"On my regular commute home from work, I came across a cyclist who had just been flipped across her handlebars in an accident with another cyclist. She was grazed, sore and slightly in shock, and not confident of riding home safely" says Andrew.

"Not a problem though. I hitched up her damaged bike to the Towing Tray on one side of my rear rack, and strapped it on. The injured cyclist then sat on the rear rack (on the Soft Spot cushion and gripping the Hold On handlebars normally used by my 4yo son)."

"I was able to get her home quickly, comfortably and safely. The Yuba Mundo is an awesome bike, which is why I ride it and sell it", says Andrew.

For a test ride of a Yuba Mundo or a Yuba Boda Boda, contact Andrew on 0418866470 or email him here

Yuba Adelaide Dealer Rescue

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