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Monthly Archives: January 2011

  • Cargo bikes at the beach

    Cargo bikes at the beach

    My family recently had a bit of a holiday at the beach and we took one of the Longhaul models with us. It really was very practical especially for those late in the day swims at the surf beach. Both of the boys would pile in, sometimes with two boogie boards as well, and I'd ride them right down almost to the edge of the beach. An hour swim and then ride home wrapped in towels. Perfect end to the day. I was enjoying myself, despite the lack of smiles from the rider...

    Gary Cookson



  • Cargo Bike Picnic

    Cargo Bike picnic - 27th of February


    Join the Cargo Bike community at a fun, free, family picnic.
    Find out how you can reduce your daily carbon footprint and reduce your dependency on your car.
    Meet Melbourne

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