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Monthly Archives: October 2010

  • Cargo Bike Picnic

    Cargo Bike picnic - 21st November 2010


    Join the Cargo Bike community at a fun, free, family picnic.

    Find out how you can reduce your daily carbon footprint and reduce your dependency on your car.

  • A day in the life of a cargobike

    I've put one of our new Shorthaul bikes into daily service as part of the Cookson family fleet. Here's a diary of a the day's events from this Saturday and how the cargobike fitted in with the day. I'd love to hear how you use your cargobikes out there, whether its a boxbike, trike, longtail or modified standard bike. Send stories to us via our contact form and i'll publish them on our site. We live in Fitzroy North in Melbourne and use our bikes whenever we can.

    Saturday 9-10-10

    9am, swimming lessons for Patrick (3 yrs), running a bit late so I arrived ready for a cooling dip after a furious pedal.
    9.45am, a more leisurely ride home for hot chocolate and a rest.
    10.30am. Ange took the Shorthaul for her debut ride to the supermarket and the fruit and veg shop with no kids. She seemed happy apart from it being her turn to do the shopping.
    11.30am. I loaded both boys, Patrick (3) and Ned (5) into the box along with a big round of sandwiches, fruit and water and headed for the Melbourne Zoo via the Park Street bike path. This ride is about 4km but is fairly leisurely except for a fairly steep bit near the golf course. First gear and burning legs but no problem except the boys complaining I was going too slow up the hill.
    2pm. Leave the zoo and head for home. We are Zoo members which is good because you can visit just a few animals and then head off before everyone gets too worn out. On the way back the boys remembered we'd passed a park so they insisted we stop even though they were both tired. On the downhill by the golf course I got some speed up and the boys were cheering. Got a few bell rings and cheers from riders coming the other way too so they must have looked like they were enjoying themselves.
    2.30pm. Arrive home, rest.
    4pm. Forgot to take the video back from Friday night to the OOvie box so take the bike and Ned comes too to keep me company and stop the video flying away (his suggestion!). Park outside Piedemontes and get Ned to run in and return the video while I talk to a man who is interested in the bike. I hope he actually popped it in the slot, I forgot to check... On the ride back home we pass some friends who want to see the new bike and have a test ride so we while away some time having a chat before I realise we are going out for Tea to celebrate my birthday. We make it home in time for a quick shower and change before heading back out down the Park St bike path in the other direction this time, boys with me, Ange on her junk bike. Final destination, super trendy new Italian/Pizza restaurant Supermaxi where we stuff our faces on delicious pizzas which are really big (note to self, if we go back 3 pizzas is too much). Good job i've got a bit of exercise in today...
    8pm. Arrive home just before dark. Pour small boys into bed. Sleep.


  • How to find us

    Cargocycles HQ is at 284 Wellington St Collingwood, Vic 3066 you can visit us anytime during the week but please contact us to let us know you are coming.

    What hours are you open for business?

    9-5 Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday by appointment for test rides. We have a large, flat carpark area you can try the bikes before venturing onto the local side streets for a longer test.

    The online shop is open 24hrs a day.

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