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About Cargocycles

Cargocycles is owned and run by Gary Cookson. It is a Melbourne based bicycle business specialising in cargo bikes, load carrying bikes and electric bicycles. Cargocycles is the distributor of the Yuba Mundo and Boda Boda range of bicycles in Australia. We also have our own brand of box bikes manufactured under the Zeitbikes brand and we sell a range of high quality electric bikes from manufacturers like eZee, BH Emotion, Wisper and Gazelle.

We have a dedicated workshop that specialises in maintaining the bikes we sell and building and supplying electric conversion kits from manufacturers such as Bionx, eZee and Solarbike.

Gary has bikes in his blood having been on two wheels since not long after he get the whole two legs thing happening. Growing up in a family where building a Raleigh Chopper Tandem was seen as a quick project, Gary has spent more years building, riding and maintaining two wheeled vehicles than he can actually remember. He blames his parents...

By the way, if anyone has seen this tandem my dad would love to know where it ended up. Last seen circa 1980, Kidderminster, UK.

Cargo Cycles Environment Policy

Cargo Cycles is committed to minimising our environmental impact. Our bikes can help customers reduce their environmental footprint by replacing short car trips with human powered transport, and we try to bring them to you with as little environmental impact as practical.

Low-impact transport

Moving objects around the world costs energy. Surface transport (ship, rail, road) is far more energy efficient than air freight.

We use only sea freight to import our bikes, and regular (non-express) surface freight for deliveries, to minimise environmental cost as well as financial cost.

The less freight is rushed, the more efficiently it can be handled. If an express road transport carrier has a choice between sending a half empty truck or missing a "next day guarantee" deadline, the truck will run half empty (probably following another half empty truck up the highway). Having a cargo bike delivered is exciting, but it's not time critical. Regular road transport is usually just as fast as express, but may occasionally slip a day in transit. We appreciate your patience.

We'd prefer to send our bikes out on the train rather than a truck, but unfortunately, rail freight is not a viable option in Australia at the moment. We hope this changes in time.

Paper-light business systems

Wherever possible, we conduct our business by email or phone. Invoices and other documents are sent electronically in PDF format, rather than wasting paper and consuming energy moving dead-tree documents around the world. Documents can be printed by the customer if required for record-keeping.

Comments and suggestions

We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions of how we could improve our business to be more environmentally friendly. Use the contact us page.